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Baby boys swimwear

The Catimini ready-to-wear collection for baby boys is all-encompassing with countless garments available from 6 months to 3 years old. Explore a wide variety of seasonal jumpers, trousers, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops and childcare accessories in a unique and original style that shakes up the traditional world of clothes for little boys. The days of baby boys wearing almost only blue bodies are over; the Catimini collection brings you colourful and modern clothes. Come summer, bright colours are a must and the brand's range expands to include swimwear for boys in happy colours and patterns that radiate sunshine. True to its fairytale world beckoning children of all ages to a wonderland and adventure, Catimini provides swim shorts tailor-made for baby. The swimwear is made from comfortable fabric cherry-picked by a team of experienced designers so baby can splash about in the paddling pool to their heart's content! The animal or eye-catching patterned swim shorts take baby to an imaginary world where they'll feel totally at ease for their first dip. Catimini swim shorts come in a range of sizes from 6 months old and are tailored to baby's movements so they can splash around to their heart's content. Catimini's swim shorts for children come with a wide array of cute little must-have accessories for baby's first trip to the beach. Add the finishing touch to baby boy's beachwear with a lovely little hat that not only protects their delicate head from the sun but also goes perfectly with swim shorts featuring fun-filled playful patterns showcasing the little water baby's sweet grin and smiling eyes. Whether for the beach or pool, a colourful beach towel will wrap baby in softness when they come out of the water and quickly dry them off. Pick up a cute little gilet too in case of significant changes in temperature and to avoid baby getting cold. They're light yet warm to provide baby with the right amount of heat so they don't catch a chill. A little patterned t-shirt is also a must. Once baby's out of the water, you should pop a t-shirt on so they avoid excessive sun exposure. Swim shorts make great gifts that stand out for their original style and look that you won't find anywhere else. You can count on an original present that children and parents will love with Catimini swim shorts or a full outfit.