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Swimsuits baby girl 6 month to 3 years

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Little ones can unleash their inner water baby from 6 months old! Baby swim sessions at the pool, first dips in the paddling pool or first beach trips with the family. Little girls need their first swimsuit in summer so they're comfortable in something that adapts to their movements better than basic cotton briefs or little shorts that they tend to lose once wet. The designers at Catimini specialise in children's ready-to-wear from newborn and use their imagination and creativity to bring little girls and their parents a fun-filled colourful range ideal for soaking up the summer. Catimini's swimwear models are designed especially for the beach and pool. The advantage of a one-piece swimsuit for little girls is that it stays put with its cross-strap system and doesn't restrict movement to provide the ultimate in comfort. True to its style and inspirations, Catimini provides swimwear made with the utmost care in comfortable premium fabrics to suit baby's skin. Baby swimwear is mainly made of polyamide with 20% elastane then carefully tailored to hug baby's every move like a second skin. Swimwear for baby girls aged 6 months to 2 years old features lovely little patterns that capture baby's joy and wonder and will showcase your little one's cheeky smile! The little frills on some models' straps add a romantic feel and bring to mind the cheeky and adventurous spirit of little girls exploring the world around them. The bright colours and original patterns on these swimsuits open up a world of adventure with a holiday vibe that reflects the social and family atmosphere on a great escape! Swimwear for baby girls is available in the childcare aisle at Catimini stores and you'll find top models in this section of the brand's website. The supple and quality fabric means you can slip baby's swimsuits into your beach bag or tote without taking up any space. Catimini also provides countless summer accessories alongside printed swimsuits for baby girls. Visit the ""accessories"" section for must-have sun hats to protect baby from UV rays in the summer heat. Now she's ready for summer, your little girl can experience the joys of the beach and swimming from an early age in her eye-catching and colourful printed swimsuit.

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