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Client Servicing at Catimini

Discover our e-services!


More choice online!

1. Do you want a design or size which is not available in your store?

2. After checking the e-availability, your Catimini sales team will deliver the item for free to the location of your choice.


3. Take advantage!

The e-delivery

Free store delivery for our busy mums out and about!

1. Go to

2. Select your preferred Catimini pick-up store with 1 click!


3. Enjoy free shipping within 5 days!

The e-reservation

Hold your selected item for 48h! With no obligation to purchase!

1. Go to

2. Réserver jusqu'à 3 produits dans la boutique de votre choix. ! L’équipe de vente Catimini vous confirmera votre réservation.

3. The product will be held for 48h in the store!